Bare Knuckle Energy Drink is a community-minded energy drink in the initial stages of development. Bare Knuckle Energy Drink (the company) will sell its all natural energy drink through promotional efforts tied into boxing and the ever increasing popularity of bare-knuckle boxing, as the sport continues to rise in popularity, with increased coverage in mainstream media. An evaluation of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats served as the foundation for this strategic analysis and marketing plan. The plan focuses on the company’s growth strategy, suggesting ways in which it can build out a new customer base, targeting a  specific customer niche. Since Bare Knuckle Energy Drink  will market the product primarily   as a promotional tool through the boxing community, we will  achieve immediate name recognition aligned to the sport now  that it recently become legal in the U.S. Saturday, March 17th  promoter Cory Williams held his second bare knuckle event of the year in Wyoming. Additional fights are scheduled for June 2nd in Kansas  The sport is a major draw around the  world, with the U.K. firmly the market leader. With several  well-know boxing promoters currently aligning themselves  behind the sport here in the U.S.,  we believe it will  soon become a major attraction and the alignment of our drink is a perfect marketing  tie-in.

Unique to our company's marketing plan is our  non-traditional approach to promotion. Starting with  Bayonne, N.J., the company plans to promote professional  gloved boxing events, donating all proceeds to that cities  youth football program. Statistics show that   children have higher grades and are less likely to use  drugs when involved in youth sports. It is here where we  will leverage positive press, social media and word of  mouth. The company's logo will be prominently displayed  through banners, local fighters,   press conferences, articles and social media. The proceeds  from this events will provide equipment, maintenance, guest  speakers; community building sponsored and nurtured thru  Bare Knuckle Energy Drink. Through many years involved in  the sport, management   has many solid connections around the country that would  enable the company to run these events cost efficiently. We  feel the positive press we would receive by giving back to  the community and having the youth sports organizations we  are helping be involved   in promoting these events, will garner great press and  product adaption. We also believe our packaging in unique  and highly promotable.

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